SRM-Avant, Inc. maintains the technology and resources necessary to provide you with the most current federal, state and local regulations. We are prepared to assist you in reducing your corporate and/or personal risk.

Environmental Consulting/Engineering Services

   Environmental site assessments (Phase I & II)
   Transaction Screening Process (TSP)
   Pro-Active Environmental Compliance Management Systems (ECMS) and related Maintenance Programs, including
      coordination/management of responsibilities included in any or all of the following areas:
   Air Quality Management
   Water Quality Management (NPDES, Storm water programs DMR)
   Solid and Residual Waste Management
   Hazardous Waste Management
   Underground and Aboveground Storage Tank Management
   Community Right To Know Regulation (SARA Title III)
   TSCA and related regulation.
   Coordination/completion of environmental permit applications and related compliance obligations.
   Remedial contracting, including related documentation and closure plans, soil and groundwater sampling, analyses, and
   Underground (UST) and Aboveground storage tank (AST) management, including certified installation and removal
   Waste characterization and management programs
   Hazardous and Non-hazardous waste transportation and approved processing
   Material Reuse, Reclamation, and Recycling Programs
   Asbestos Abatement
   Environmental Help Desk
   Analytical Laboratory testing (EPA/State certified) including: Waste Stream Characterizations, On-site Metal Analysis, Water
      Testing (Commercial, Industrial, Residential), Mold Analysis, Sampling/Analysis of Outfalls and Monitoring Wells, Indoor Air

Environmental Resource Management Programs and Equipment for Metal Working, Machine Tool and Aerospace industries

   Non-chemical, zero discharge, coolant and waste water treatment systems (point of production treatment)
   Wastewater Characterization and Treatability Studies
   Metals purchasing/management programs
   Secondary metal management, including metal bearing swarf recovery
   Equipment placement programs that offer means for placement of costly, resource recovery/processing equipment without
    capital expense.